It is wonderful to be around the creative process 

and to be a part of something that delivers a 

really excellent result. 


As members of the Collective, individuals will 

play their own part in the career development 

and launch of each artist. Galvanising a sense of 

team spirit, of self-worth and hunger to succeed, 

and of pride in being instrumental in something 

that gives pride to the entire community. 


Ultimately we want to see our artists as a 

permanent fixture in the UK and international 

music charts, we aim to be a self-sustaining 

record label that invests back into the 

community rather than the Champagne life styles 

of poor role models. 



Ours is a Philanthropic 

approach to the 

record industry.




in every city, and to create a network of music 

venue hostels to which our artists and their teams 

will tour.


We want big name heavy hitting Ambassadors to support our work


Liverpool Heartbeat has started a movement and called it 



• We are empowering young people, offering them a

  platform and a means to connect with a wider audience.


• We are composing, recording, producing 

  and promoting.


• We have the attention and good will of 

  BBC Radio Merseyside, who are awaiting the next release       from Big City Soul Collective. 

  We have created a momentum and are taking it forward. 

  This is the route to national airplay. 


• We are an open door for young talent, 

  and those that find music and promotion a  buzz, we want 

  to meet you. 

  The next singers, composers, musicians, promoters

  managers, producers, engineers, riggers and roadies,

  stylists, dancers, photographers, film producers…

  ........the whole kit and kabooddle. 


• We are connecting with potential ambassadors

   from all sectors of the arts.


• We are expanding our network.

  Coming soon




Download and share

our brochure



Meet the Artists

 Liverpool Heart was adopted by the city as

Liverpool’s Christmas Single


Was put on the Christmas Play lists of

BBC RADIO Merseyside

Mersey Radio

Broad Green Hospital Radio


The Big City Soul Collective were interviewed on

Sean Style Show - BBC Radio Merseyside

Ngunan Adamu Show - BBC Radio Merseyside

Frank Carlyle Show - Mersey Radio

Tommy Gallagher Show - Broad Breen Radio


Liverpool Heart was played at Anfield 

as part of the pre-match entertainment of the

Arsenal and Swansea games


Big City Soul Collective performed live at

St Georges Hall

Liverpool Town Hall

Williamson Square

and busked all around the city













the way I looked at the music industry,

and showed me that sometimes it’s the 

journey itself that makes a difference.


We have to continue this work......


“Music and creativety need 

not be owned by profit led 

businesses that judge the right to 

express on purely commercial terms”. 


Music and Media are hugely important

influences in the lives of young people.

Yet most assume that they will only 

ever look in from the outside.


It is time we had 

a Record Label for the People...

and called it









We’re on a  journey.......

We want to continue to write and record with young people from our region 

We are BIG CITY SOUL COLLECTIVE and we are changing lives.........................




Liverpool Heartbeat helps 

young people in Merseyside 

participate in society 

as independent, mature, responsible 

individuals by instilling career 

and lifestyle aspirations.


It achieves this by providing 

advice and assistance, 

organising educational programmes, 

physical activities 

and creative oportunities 

for young people.


Charity no: 1120142 

Robin Baynes MBE

Founder of Charity 

Liverpool Heartbeat 

enlisted the help of Ian Hewitt 

to come up with a project 

for young people…


“Let's help the young unsung 

talent of Liverpool to connect 

with a wider audience,

Let's work with community 

and homeless organisations to 

fill hearts with pride and 

ambition that had either 

forgotten or have never known 

how good this feels”.





Compose a killer Christmas Song


Seek out the unsung young talent 

of Liverpool


Find a Community Choir


A School Choir 


A Gospel Choir


And Homeless People to sing it


Find world class musicians to 

play and record the backing track


Record, produce and mix the track 

in a world renowned recording 



Release a single….


The writing and the composition of music 

puts me in my comfort zone.


The developing of musicians and performances,

working with choirs and the lead vocalists

is again me in my element.


The searching out of talent and the nuturing of,

was a wonderful natural process, that I 

embraced with ease.


When you have a vision and have mapped out 

the route to success, with all the stages of 

the creative challenge ahead laid down and 

quantified, then you are in control, no 

surprises, just a series of artistic and technical 

challenges leading to the realisation of your 



For me the creative process is a controlled one.


What I was not prepared for was the journey 

itself and the distance travelled in merely 

three months.

The sense of kinship, and the feeling of being 

a part of something that was creating its own 



BIG CITY SOUL COLLECTIVE started as a name,

but, became a group of people, each trusting

the next to deliver. 

Each stage representing the passing on of

something precious that you had created to be 

entrusted to the next.




Who would of have thought that by giving Liverpool a 

Christmas Single we’d create an energy 

that may not be destroyed?


Other people have to experience this

energy for themselves and then

pay it forward.


Join us, we have a journey to take.....

                                                                      Ian Hewitt



Ian Hewitt

Meet the Artists

We came together because of a Christmas Record!